Oil leaks on intake and exhaust rocker covers 1973 850

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Feb 14, 2008
Anyone know how to repair? Have tried different paper gaskets and rubber gasket compounds but invariably oil leaks persist. Anyone know of technique or material that works.
Are the covers warped? While cleaning mine up, I ran them over fine sandpaper on a flat surface, and they needed a little bit of work to get them flat.
I'd try a little "Yamabond" (or ThreeBond or other name) gasket sealer on those. Grey stuff, works wonders. Apply incredibly lightly - don't need much, and excess is counterproductive.

I just went out in the garage and what I have now (it's the same stuff) is Permatex "Motoseal" permanent gasket sealer "gray."

Stuff is amazing. You need a tube in your garage.
Of course you are trimming a V shaped cut that allows the oil trapped behind the gasket to fall back into the motor. And you are using a fish scale to get just the same pull on both bolts. And of course you removed the studs and chamfered the tapped holes and checked the engine surface with a flat file.
I obtained some 'rubber' gaskets from RGM in Cumbria, UK - I say rubber although I'm sure they must be neoprene or some type of silicon compund - suffice to say I have no oil leaks since fitting them - they are also re-useable. I seem to recall they cost about £7.00 for the set of three - take a look in their catalogue or email them.

If all else fails look for oil getting up the stud threads, loctite will stop it and porous covers, get new ones.

Neoprene gaskets are way better than anything else, I reckon.

I use genuine gaskets, and I've removed and replaced the rocker inspection covers a number of times without replacing the gaskets, and they have never leaked afterwards.
Hey Cash, I had a set of covers that were doing just that, leaking thru the cover. The way I fixed it was to get the inside of the covers super clean and then use high temp paint on the inside, Works great. This was after thinking it was the gaskets and going half crazy trying to get them to seal. Good luck, Chuck.
Non return breather valve solved my leaks also. But a smear of silicone both sides of the gasket helps.
i got some nice re-usable think silicon ones from rocky point cycles


these combined with a PCV in another thread heres essential eliminated oil leaks from my 850 (leaked from the rockers covers, crank seal, and a few other who know where's)
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