Nylon lined cables

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Nov 18, 2005
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I've just fitted a pair of 34mm Del Ortos to my 750 and the cables I got are nylon lined.
I have been told by some people that you should not lubricate this type of cable because the nylon liners will bind up if oil gets in them.
Is this true?
The throttle is a bit stiff with the new carbs so I'm inclined to get some oil down them but don't want to make matters worse.
It is generally true that nylon lined cables shouldn't really be oiled with normal lubricants, and new lined cables can take a while to bed-in properly, although I must admit that I have used some light oil on the odd stiff lined cable *occasionally* with no ill effects, but regular oiling should be avoided as it can cause the nylon liner (some liners are Teflon) to soften and swell up I believe.
OK thanks. I'll give them a little while to bed in. It may also be that the accelerator pumps could be adding to the friction a bit as they are still dry.
I'm hoping to get to the dyno in the next few weeks to see how they perform.

A dry lubricant, such as powdered graphite or molybdenum disulphide would be fine.
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