NOT Norton Racing

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Nov 21, 2005
This Sunday starting at 2:00 pm Speedtv will be broadcasting MOTORCYCLE RACING right up to 7:00pm.. :p

that's FIVE Hours :shock:
1 of World SuperBike, 3 hrs AMA racing and 1 Big Hour of MotoGP...

AND even Saturday nite is getting some play. Speetv is broadcasting MotoGP qualifying from Laguna Seca.

Oh My, even if you can't watch or record, please at lest
set your tuner to those hours so the ratings will be thru the roof..

If you haven't been following MotoGP this year, you've
been missing a great show and unbelievable racing!

Motorcycles - the most FUN you can have with your clothes on!
Captain, Thanks for the heads up,I have missed so much racing this season trying to track down on Speed TV.Ride safely. James.
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