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Has anyone had any personal experiences with Norvil Norton?

I assume that few, if any, complete Norvil bikes have been imported to the US? But if they have, I would be interested to hear from their owners about the bike's build quality, reliability, etc. I assume the Norvil Norton is essentially identical to the original Norton?

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They don't export the complete bikes to the US. You have to be on that side of the pond to buy one. Wouldn't that be cool though - a brand new Commando, just like the old ones except with improvements made (details are on their website). I'd buy a non-estart 850 if I lived there and had the money...

Cool indeed!

I'd buy an 850 electric start because I'm so used to shifting on the left.

I would take the starter off, however.

Congratulations on getting the bike going - you are inspiring me to push ahead despite the coming snow!

For what it is worth.....
I bought some parts this year, vernier isolastics, number plate & bits, roughly $600 worth.

While I can't vouch for Les or the bikes he produces I can tell you that the bad attitude, sloppy order filling, and billing nonsense made me spend the rest of my money elsewhere, anywhere.

I hesitate to say negative things but the attitude was not an isolated instance. :shock:

Nick at Andover has been great. Rabers told me I can get a part cheaper from British Cycle Supply, Walridge has credited me for shipping a wrong part, etc... so I have had some very positive experiences.

I suppose you could just buy all the parts, and put together a "new" Norton - sounds like most of us are halfway there anyway! :lol:


It sounds as if you have quite a bit of experience with several Norton parts suppliers. How does Raber's stack up price wise?

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I did some price comparisons before I started spending. My amounts are in Canadian dollars (sorry folks). I did notice that there can be quite a difference in items - so I can't say anyone is the "cheapest". I suggest shopping around as there can be a big difference on individual items.


06.7519 Lower bush x2
$19.47 BSA-Regal (Andover)
$23.54 Norvil
$27.24 Walridge
$29.86 British Cycle Supply
$30.41 Rabers

06.7521 Top bush (bronze) x2
$8.87 NOC spares scheme
$11.93 BSA-Regal (Andover)
$14.68 Norvil
$15.26 Rabers
$22.80 Walridge

Add shipping, duties and taxes into the mix- as Waldridge and British Cycle are in Canada, for me, the prices become better as the extras would be less...

I hope that helps.

Wow - 8.87CD to 22.80CD for a top bush is quite a range!

Thank you for taking the time to share this information with us.

Norvil Commando

I am a Yank (from Seattle) living in England and have had the un-pleasant experience of buying front and rear turn signals from Les at Norvil Norton. They sent me four signals the same length. We all know the front and rear are different lengths and I even sent them a picture but Les insisted it was my mistake because he would "never" do something so foolish. I finally ended up cutting one set down. My advice! Well you already know what it is. Mick Hemmings and Adrian Dedman of EKK racing have always been good to me.
T.C. Goff,

Thank you for the valuable feedback about Norvil.

Norvil Motorcycles


The only year the turn signal stems were not the same length was the '75 MkIII. From '72 to '74 models all four stems were the long type. The best way to get the right part is to quote the part number you want. Get a parts list.
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