Norton video clip

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Shannon Noll:) For non Aussies he is the equivilent of maybe a Billy Ray Cryrus, or a George Micheals maybe for you guys in the old dart, still the bike and the girl were worth the pain
dgwilson said:
Thought you would like this song clip with a Commando in it.
It captures the exhaust note beautifully.

Evil Evil Evil
Some of us still must contend with snow, you know? Although, there are some frozen over ponds…. Anyone do some ice racing with their Norton?

As for the youtube
Can’t figure the fella out. If he spent as much time and concentration on riding instead of standing out in the middle of nowhere singing like a twit, he’d be in a better place.
Maybe he’d still have the girl too – I bet she wished he’d shut it and pay attention to riding as well :wink: !

Damn, freezing rain out...
Freeze or Roast

I agree on all counts.
A shame to see a Norton laying in the dirt bent and under a roasting sun.

South Australia is just recovering from the warmest March on record, 16 consecutive days over 35 degrees C( 95 deg F) a bit of cool weather would be nice!

Laredo Texas, yesterday - 106 degrees F

I wish we were nice and cool like you.
Ohh that was painful... I can't stand Shannon Noll. He was a runner up in Australian Idol and his known for being a pub rocker but I won't verify that with actually seeing one of his hacked performances.
In one of our papers over here on the weekend he was on stage sturring and mumbling and obviously off his face on something. Apparently the crowd kept booing until his minders helped him off stage.

Still it was a good to see a Norton in a clip even if I had to stomach through that woeful song.
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