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Sep 28, 2005
Hello all , Ive admired Norton's from a distance for years, and am now interested in buying one. Like many others, I'm fond of the early 70s 750 commando's. I think it importaint to buy a good manual and study it BEFORE I buy any motorcycle. Whats the best brand of manual out there for the early 70s Nortons, and where can I get it? What level of repair manual is available (Im no machinist) Perhaps a manual exsists on CD rom?

thanks in advance for your help :D
I prefer the factory manuels. & have nice selections.
I really like the CD by 'Kim the CD Man'. It gives a lot of info including bike pix, ads etc. Highly recommended. You can e-mail him at
The CD along with the tech digest from the INOA, will give you just about everything you need. The digest can purchased at
Good luck.
I bought a lot of the manuals (no one manual is really the "best") before I bought Kim's CD refered to by the previous poster. It has service manuals, parts manuals, owners manuals, factory service updates etc all in one. Go for it!! I also like Roy Bacon's book.

Doing your homework before you buy the bike is smart. I went against the advice on this and other forums and bought a bike that apparently had a "total professional restoration"........NOT. Of course I paid way to much but I had to have it. It's been a nightmare and I have managed only two (completed) rides in over two months but they have been the best two rides of my riding career. Nortons are a blast but not for the faint of heart or wallet IMHO.

Good luck.
Correction Kim the CD Man
I've got Kim's CD (invaluable), Bacon's book (well worth having on one's shelf and reading two to three times), the INOA Tech Digest (also a must have - though its "editted by committee" feel makes it harder to digest) and Mick Hemmings Engine Rebuild DVD (if you're going to do the engine - its so much easier to see things done than read about them - well worth the cash). I've also got the Clymer and Haynes manuals, which I only refer to in a hopeful, but usually fruitless attempt at seeing if something vague in the Norton Workshop Manual is better explained.

As for having a manual before the bike (or before you can spend a lot of time with a bike and the manual), I'd say its a bit futile. Well intentioned, but futile.

Norton's are pretty straightforward as machines. However, its hard to visualize so many of the procedures until you're up to your elbow in 'em. Even then, there's usually a lot of fiddling and cursing before your "Aha! Simple." moment occurs.

Let us know when you've got your ride. Plenty of helpful folks 'round here to ask questions of.
Kim the Cd Man

Thanks for the cd man correction. This 2nd address appears to work.
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