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Norton in the Movies

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Just saw this in opening scene of 1977 flick:

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Rabid, starring Marilyn Chambers (yup, that Marilyn Chambers). Some pretty good riding sequences in the opening scenes...but it doesn't end well for the bike ;-(
Been re-watching the CBC comedy series Schitt's Creek on Netflix and one episode (Season 2?) has an previous boyfriend of the family's daughter return from abroad riding up to her while on a Commando. Several clips of the bike while the two re-kindle their relationship.
EDIT: found some captures on line:

Norton in the Movies
Norton in the Movies
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Just now watched an episode of American Pickers and they bought a ‘69 Norton 750 for $4500.00. A pretty nice roadster in black with gold. I just turned the TV on and heard the word “Norton”.
I was flicking through the TV one day and flicked on the movie channel on was a musical around the 60s the star was an Elvis look alike and he was riding an orange Atlas and his 2 side kicks were riding 1960 Manxman's all blue and orange seats and they were riding over jumps, it was a corny sort of movie and after watching it for a few minutes I turned it over, it was a bit of a silly movie, but the girls looked great in their swing dresses and 60s American style of clothes, but after watching it for such a short time I had enough.
Not sure what the name of the movie was.