Norton Identification Follow-up

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Sep 19, 2005
I appreciate the help recieved to identify my Norton.

I can’t find any numbers on the transmission. Can you tell me where they should be? Stamped on the frame by the gas tank mount at the left front is the number 064140. Can this tell me anything?

So far I’ve learned that the bike is an 850 from 1973 or newer. I’d like to determine the year for the title, parts list, etc. but the engine number of 47883 0 has me confused. Since there is a space before the final 0, 47883 would put it at 1952 but that doesn’t make sense and 478830 doesn’t fit anywhere. The twin Amal carbs are numbered 932/R29

Thanks for any additional assistance in identifying the year.
You will find the Numbers in between the rear engine mounting. Between the rear isolastic engine mounting stud and where it attaches on the back of the engine lower case. Now look in-between these two points you will see the slot hole at the top of the engine mounting that accepts the top through bolt for the transmission. You will see on your starboard side (right while sitting on your bike) an adjuster assembly running through the gearbox top bolt. The very top of the transmission at this point will have the numbers running in the direction of the gearbox top bolt. Scrub the grim off and have a squint. :wink:
Check out this out of print book...

Hi Jim,

Just a note. I recently got a used copy of Steve Wilson's book "Norton Motorcycles From 1950 to 1986" (ISBN 1-85260-573-1) off eBay. (Try to search for used).
Most of the book details the Commando and to a lesser extent the Atlas before and Rotary after. Best details on how changes came about, why some changes never did and when they happened (it can be VERY confusing). There is a handy timeline detailing visible and mechanical differences in each model (Fastback, Roadster, Hi-Rider, Interstate) and the various Mks/750s-850s; US, Continental or Home market; colors and options that year, etc.

Very interesting reading for a later Norton owner. Knowing the VIN number is only part of the story. Since some bikes were sent back to Wolverhampton, then Andover. Some Combat engined bikes when down the assembly line three times over some months before being sold or exported.

Anyway, highly recommended. Steve writes in a technical but personal style (if that is possible). He owned two Commmandos and cursed both, and loved the second to bits, it seems.

The part number = 06 4140 is the part number for the 1973 850 frame.

The twin Amal carbs are numbered 932/R29

The number (932/R29) would be correct for a '73 850 RIGHT HAND carb
the left hand carb should be a 932/ 30 (or L30?).

Could the last '0' of the engine number actually be a circle with two horizontal lines?
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