Norton Gallery In Nogaro

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May 30, 2008
Hi everyboby
you will find attached a pict gallery took in France on the famous Nogaro Circuit during the last Coyote Racing Days. Its not only Norton but its always good to see this kind of bikes around ...
Take a look and enjoy
Frank & Vincent
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The Coyote Racing Days :
For the 11th edition, the Coyotes invite you on the next August 2nd & 3rd in the Paul Armagnac track of Nogaro.
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Wow! Awesome pictures of gorgeous bikes.

I should be getting some good photos in the next 3 weeks, I'll make sure to post a road report.
Frank, great pictures. Looks like a good place to go.

I will be at that end of the Pyrenees on that weekend on my *ond*, and may make an attempt at going........if I'm allowed, which I probably will be.

Can you guarantee the weather?
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