Nice new toy, anyone bidding?

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I'd be all over it, but he's not offering a warranty :lol:

I'd be all over it like a fat kid on a smarty except I already have one in that color (sans supercharger)
Interested - not a chance!

Description says the supercharger has just been installed, and the bike has been ridden a total of 10 miles since - DUH!

1st question - Why would someone go to all that hassle to install the SC and then sell it without using it?

2nd - who would be dumb enough to buy it, given the 1st question.

Mind you, if i knew the build was thorough and proper, that it's been tested, and that it puts out 70 or 80 hp (can't see 100, nor how the motor would survive it), I could easily be talked into taking it for a spin - a long and fast one, of course!!
Can't start it or he hurt the trany or?

No one on this site is close to investigate it? Its to almost $5000 without a title. And I'm guessing it will go higher. :shock: Honestly , I really like the idea :D but the lack of $$$ :(
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