Nice cafe Norton on e-bay

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There are some nice bits on that bike, but the end result is not quite pleasing. I choke on the exhaust pipes, the rear tire and the clubman bars, but that's my taste...

Said the same before about other "beauties" that have been found and linked to the forum...each to their own. This one appeals to me, though, if for no other reason than it is drastic, and imaginative.
The world would be boring if this type of project never happened, and we have to allow others a bit of personal taste, too.
For example...just think, if our tastes were always taken for full by those around us, Lord...considering what most of us really think about the wives or husbands of our acquaintances ...most of them should not even be married...or?

So, let the buyer decide...he will anyway...

Nuff said.

Some one once said to me that it's a good thing we all don't have the same taste otherwise everyone would be after my wife.
Feeling a little underwhelmed on this one. Hate the mufflers, hate the chopper-style taillight, not too impressed with his choice of tires! Some padding on the seat pan would have been a nice addition.

I tend to like my bikes all stock and original (mostly), so I'm generally not too interested in cafe jobs anyway.

I would venture a guess that it won't go much beyond $8K. It can be made "right" for under $10K at that price. Not a bad deal for the bike.
It can be made "right" for under $10K at that price.
Do you like Vegas? I do think you are luckier than I. Based on the general appearance, I wonder what shortcuts have been taken inside the engine and gearbox?

The tank doesn't fit the frame as you can see the front frame mounts. The tank is probably resting on the main frame tube. Not good for an alloy tank.

It's a 1972 VIN, but the silver barrels and no front disc indicates a non-Combat version. (Not necessarily a bad thing.)

Personally, I don't think your getting much for the $7K+ the bid is up to. Very few original parts for a restoration and even fewer quality cafe parts to make a nice cafe racer.

To each his own.
$7,400 closing bid.

Not bad; maybe a tad high. It's got a few pricey items on it and a decent looking complete lump; all in all it can still be made "right" for a decent price, as a cafe racer.
I find you viewpoint intriging...Considering some of the machines I have seen out of Belgium and France over the years. I always thought that they had absolutely no rules as to what they could do to a bike and not, there. I've seen machines I wouldn't trust to roll out of the barn with, on the road and grinding the pegs on the corners. Bikes hanging together with glue and paper clips and riders with no fear...or brains, depending upon your viewpoint.
Just the opposite of good old Germany, where every nut and bolt has to have some idiot, non-bike riding fools', approval before you can put it on the road. I always thought the fellows over the border had it good.

So...why dangerous? It is a mute point perhaps...but I'm curious.
It's got a few pricey items on it


I'm not trying to be argumentative, but what are referring too? The tank? The Joe Hunt mag?

I don't see the value in either of these. The tank doesn't fit properly and has several good size dings. And the Hunt mag is great for racing but if I recall those have a fixed advance and would be a b***h to start. I'd rather have your ARD CDI unit :wink:

I'm curious, you seem to really like this one.
It just looks like a cool rat cafe bike. Sure, the muffs are 3 feet too lonmg, but they can be replaced. Dinged tank? So what!? I love the Hunt mag on my '69 Bonnie, although I pray I'll never dump the bike on it's right side!

Certainly I wouldn't have paid more than $5K for it, IF I had the play money, space to park it, and didn't have 4 other project bikes waiting thier turn in the shop.
I dunno about this bike. The silencers are the veritable definition of upswept. It does have a rough ratty look that's somewhat appealing. And I have to say, the front drum brake continues to inspire me. Just so much more visually satisfying than modern (although, given the recent posts regarding crashes on this site one has to weigh aesthetics with utility).

Question for you cafe racer purists out there: shouldn't a bike like this have rear sets? Seems odd to have the ace/clubman bars with the stock set-up. I may be completely wrong on this, but suspect I'm not. Why have a forward lean set-up on the bars and have one's legs jarring at one's jaws? I'd want my legs further back, to accommodate the forward lean. Ergo, rear sets. I'm hoping the Rockers out there can enlighten.

hewho: Do you think OCC is lurking in the shadows of this sale?

I am keen on cafe racers, amongst other things, but I think it takes more than an alloy tank and some clubman bars to make the cut. At $7400 it is too pricey for what it is. A tank and seat of your choosing, that actually fits, can be obtained from 'The Tank Shop' in the UK for under 500 Pounds. Look at the two bikes that Grandpaul has posted photos of recently, probably just as much work needed, definitely just as much potential and much much cheaper. I have noticed that certain bikes are described as 'cafe racers' in an attempt to raise interest and the price, when all the vendor is really offering is perhaps a lower than usual pair of handlebars and an over-active imagination.
OCC? Think not...OCC would have at least painted naked girls all over the tank. Then again...could be one of those "underground" OCC bikes we hear about. I've got three friends that have those, and they swear by them.

As to clubmans and normal foot rests. I did that for a couple years, back when I got my bike. Mine was set up that way when I got it. I knew so little about bikes that I thought it was normal till I got a Gus Kuhn catalog in my hands. I thought the foot pegs were normal too...even though the both were angled way up and and one pointed back, and the other forward. Gosh..who would have thought that was wrong. The riding position was ok, though, if you didn't know better. Today I would only do it if I had to, but back then, it seemed normal to me, not having ever tried or even heard of, rear sets.

Come to think of it though...riding with the knees way up there next to the face...had it's could for example, wipe your runny nose without having to stop and use a Kleenex... my jeans had so many oil spots on them, no one would have noticed the difference, anyway. :wink:
I guess the worms in my brain are in control.

If I look at a bike long enough, I start to like it. It's a real problem, because I'm out of garage space, and my play money keeps returning to zero.
That comment about the trash cans... How dare!

It wouldn't be as bad as you claim. As mentioned above, I've done my time on just such a setup, down to the low seat and all. After all, what do you do when some creep steals your new interstate seat? You put an army blanket on the frame, and do without a seat for a while. I admit that my club mans were leaned a tad more down...agreed. But I survived the riding position...and... produced three kids despite it...
ludwig said:
If you presented a bike like this at the German Tüv , they would : 1. confiscate the bike . 2. put the owner in an asylum 3. die from laughter .

Germans laughing ? I hope there's someone with a video camera handy ! :)

You're right about those bars Ludwig, It would require surgery to replace the wrists with universal joints to make those possible.

In Belgium of course there is no Type Approval for pre 1973 (officially there are no 1973 750 Commandos in Belgium :shock: ) and there's no annual test so anything goes !
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