NGK to CHAMPION plug Conversion??

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Jan 27, 2009
Hi All,

Can anyone tell me the CHAMPION equivilant to NGK BP7ES. I am running the NGK's on my commando but i want to Americanize my plugs.
I have searched the conversions online but cant id a match for the BP7ES's.

Thanks in advance!!

Brett in Oz
I used to fit Champions as they have (did have?) a UK factory, but went to NGK for reliability, my old box of crappy champions are N7Y.
I've used N7Y(C)s for 25 years and never had a problem. I just change them if they start looking a bit corroded on the outside.

NGKs which I've used on Japanese bikes on the other hand seem to work on a 'one dud per box' principle. The hedges of England are full of mine ! :)
hey notrunning!
my 2 cents to NGK: when you put normal new NKGs in and you don`t let them get realy hot they work worse or get in anyway damaged so that the spark is weak.
just screw them in - test it - and shut down engine - NGKs get often damaged.

Got that tip from a british motorcyle specialist from Munich years ago, it seems to be true.

I tried the NKG Iridium plugs...but don`t ask me why, Iridiums didn`t work good....many backfires...

I use and would recommend you the NGK Platinum plugs BP7EVX....they are realy comparison to normal BP7ES....[difficult to get Champions here in my hometown so i use NGKs]

Anyone using the Bosch equivalent? I'm using a Sparx 3-phase/voltage regulator and resistor plug wires so I need resistor plugs. I've got the NGK unused right now but I've always had good luck with Bosch in my cars.
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