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Nov 23, 2004
My head gasket came so I went to put the head on and everything went smoothly...Until I tried to put the two front lower 2 3/8" long mounting nuts and washers on.....How on Gods green earth do you get the two washers and nuts on?????
Small fingers and patience!
Try putting a dab of grease on the washer to hold it to the nut, when you insert the nut into the hole in the fins put a finger on the end of the nut to hold it in place and turn it little by little with your other hand.
Hold on here guys! There are no washers on the long nuts under the exhaust ports. Nor is there a washer under the nut between the carbs. These all fit the studs in the head. The studs in the barrels and the bolts that fit from above all have washers. Total of five 3/8 inch washers, and two 5/16 inch washers, two 5/16 inch nuts, two 2 3/8 long 3/8 inch nuts, one half inch long nut, four long 3/8 inch bolts and one short 3/8 inch bolt. (five bolts, five nuts, but seven washers)
Hey Ron,

Are you sure about no washers on the long nuts? I looked at the parts diagram and it shows that there are washer that go with the nuts. I did not pay attention when I pulled it apart, but there are two washers that are standard washers, not lock washers and I assumed they were for the nuts under the exhaust port. I can get the nuts on there, but not with the washers in place I tried for an hour an a half.....Then a wrench went flying and I decided to call it a night.
triple john

The washers aren't shown in the later model manuals so I suppose they can be left off?

An easy way to fit the stud nuts (as demonstrated by the late John Hudson in the NOC engine strip/rebuild video) is to wind some turns of thin string or cord around them (noting the rotation) put them in position, with a finger on the head to hold them square then pull the string and that should (hopefully!) wind the nut right up.
I just checked my early parts book and saw the washers. I have never pulled a head, even Atlas, G15, or P11 and found washers on the exhaust port head studs. I guess no one put them back so the factory eliminated them! In any event, if you really want a washer there, pommie john's idea of grease to hold it on the end of the nut is a good one. I always run a die (3/8-26) over these studs to clean the threads before putting the head back on. It sometimes makes it easier to start the nut. I use a thin ring spanner and hold the nut against the stud with the tip of a finger while turning with the spanner.