New Sleeves installed for my Amal 930’s

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Aug 8, 2005
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Hi Folks
I just got back from Bruce Chessell my Amals for my Combat which when departed were rattling like a pair of Maracas and have returned with well fitted bronze sleeves and the bores honed carefully to suit. Excellent work and great turn around time.
slides twisting

A few years back I had my set of amals resleeved in Melbourne.
When they came back the slides were a good fit in the bore but I noticed a tag on the slide which normally rides in a groove down the bore no longer fitted This allowed the slide to twist around in the body. They ended up in the junk box. I now have a new set of carbies.
How is this tag normally finished when they are resleeved?
anyone else have trouble with this?
I came to the conclusion they were too worn to do a decent repair.
dgwilson wrote
“but I noticed a tag on the slide which normally rides in a groove down the bore no longer fitted”

Well Bruce at Triton Machining leaves the tag on the side as you say it is imperative that these remain for the slides to function properly. Oh and FYI the carbs are 932’s not 930 as stated in the subject title. So for you fellow Norton owners out there that want to get your bikes to meter the fuel as the bike ran when new, this is one way to start. Lift the slide while its in the carb body approximately ¼ throttle opening and push and pull with your finger to check for movement if there is 0.015”-0.020” these are worn out! Bruce brings the slides to 0.003” of the honed bore size. Dissimilar metals between slide and body and galling problems are solved.

the conclusion they were too worn to do a decent repair

Sorry no Cupi-doll for you mate !!

The slide dowel has to be there as you suggest ~ they will not work without it.. I personally would have been right onto them/ him!!

I bet the job was not cheap either being in OZ!

I had mine done back in the 1990s and they have the dowel groove .. no probs!

As for badly worn ~ they would have to extremely bad and to be not able to be sleeved!
Ever thought of pegging them yourself? You'll have lost nothing if you fail.

I am curious, I am also running 932s on my 750 and am still trying to get them dialed in. What needles and jets are you running?

Without mild porting, bigger valves and/or a "warmer" cam, 932 carbs on a standard 750 aren't going to give you much of anything but headaches.

You can only squeeze so much fuel/air mixture through 30mm ports and stock valves; 930s flow about all you can handle.

Another mistake is mounting 932s to unmodified 30mm intakes; nearly useless, and possibly detrimental to performance.
I did taper the intakes, but they are grumpy despite new needles, jets etc.
I think I'll get the old 930s sleeved while I am getting the kick seal done.
I can always use the 932s on the 850 when I get it up an running.
You will want to replace those modified intakes when you go back to the 930s.
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