new problem...surprise!

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Jan 9, 2008
purchased a set of pipes from fleabay......first mistake....but we are learning...anyways were advertised as not great but usable and could be rechromed.

unfortunately failed to mention the dent in it.

any hints on getting the dent out or are we up the creek?

no problem with rechroming but big problem with dent.

thanks for any help

Grandpaul. With your vast experience on restoring bikes over many years this obviously is not a problem to you. But to a back yard amateur like me its a big problem!
Do you drill a hole in the dent heat it and pull with a hook?
how do you get it perfectly round like original?
To the average guy, buying a decent replacement set is probably cheaper than repairing and re-plating.

If you are a competent welder, and if you are a competent metalworker, or know good tradesemen, you need to cut open the damaged section and carefully rework the meatal to it's original shape, then weld it carefully back in placce. Follow that with careful grinding to restore the surface area of the repaired section, then re-plate. Unless all of this is done cery carefully, the results will not be perfect, but acceptable.
That doesn't sound like pull and weld, Paul :?

sharon, have you guys priced chrome plating recently? Also, a lot of shops are reluctant to do mufflers. Might be cheaper (and a lot less hassle) to write these off to experience and buy a new set.

You should look up some reputable dealers of parts and price out a set of pipes versus all of the work involved with saving the current set. Sorry :cry: about the quality of your purchase. We have probably all been burned on flea bay. At least you do not have a whole motorcycle that is flawed.
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