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hi fellas
I have found this forum very interesting to read. So i thought i would tell you about my 1978 mk3. I bought it about 4months ago it's completely original even down to the anular discharge pipes. I have now added 1500 miles to the 17000 it had when i took delivery.It's never failed to start(usually first kick, or press of the button) It's never burnt or leaked a drop of oil. I am thrilled to bits with it. This is the bike i have wanted for over 30 years (long story) I have to say it's been well worth the wait!! The only strange thing is that it will start on the button when it's cold,but the starter struggles when the engine is hot. It's not tight 'cos a half hearted prod on the kick start will have it running. Anyone got any ideas?Came back from a ride this after-noon with a silly grin on my face :D Isn't life wonderful? regards mike
Welcome to the forum


Welcome the forum.

Not sure about the starter problem but i sure know about 'the smile on your face' Norton factor. Its the only bike that does it for me. Even short journey's to work are fun on a commando :)

You have me scratching my head. My Mark III starter drags and groans when cold even with H.O. battery, upgraded cables, Mikuni and 20/50w.
It usually doesn't get it done. It's fine after that.
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