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My new bloody nosed café racer

Discussion in 'Norton Motorcycles (Modern)' started by GKRyder, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. GKRyder


    Mar 20, 2016
    Hi 961ers,

    Anyone able to upload a photo of their steering stem bottom?

    My one set back in a little. Use to be able to see the bottom of the bearings now the grease bead.


    Certainly not moving but more to go?

  2. GKRyder


    Mar 20, 2016
    Bike is ready for rego!

    But I have moved onto next project and wouldn’t mind not worrying about final steps (just the several rego steps due to tougher NSW laws) and so she is for sale!

    About Rego process

    Can supply more info via PM or phone call but essentially to register in my home state (NSW) I would need to register in another state first.

    Queensland was it's first home and they make it a lot easier as could have a garage address in Qld and home address in another state (this could be a friend or a storage place - all legit)

    For me that would mean find someone (thank you to the gent here who offered help) > ship up > rego > ship back > NSW rego steps (blue slip etc).

    So you need to do:

    - Vehicle Identification appointment

    - Safety Inspection

    - Rego (If in your name then avoid the stamp duty when transferring another state)

    Ship back to another (home) state if required and rego there.

    If in Qld,Vic etc lucky you! Just buy and rego as per above.

    About the bike

    It is listed as a 'Repairable Writeoff' (have papers) but in my state of NSW all writeoffs are declared Stat writeoffs unless they fit specific criteria (hail damage only, owned vehicle 28 days prior to accident, inheritance) this was put in place to stop car rebirthing.

    2016 had subtle changes to laws and I was'nt paying attention as I gazed at the beauty and the minimal damage.

    A perfectly good ride now.

    Only apparent damage remaining is the grind on fuel tank, dent and scratches on left muffler.
    20180520_124440.jpg 20180520_124435.jpg

    Would not keep same tyre long term maybe - has a cut?

    Oh and it had a cracked steel chain guard but we know they do that anyway :)

    Who is the bike for?

    Anyone who wants an October 2014 Norton Cafe Racer (repaired) with 7,200Kms that starts, runs, handles, and stops very well indeed and is cheap.

    What's the price to Accessnorton inmates?

    $11k AUD yes that's it. No bargaining…no trades...you know you won't get it again for a long time.

    I will respect the order of interest.

    Remember for NSW (& ACT) need to rego interstate first.

    For you lucky Qld , Victoriastan etc people go straight to vehicle identification > safety inspection > rego process

    No regrets as my Saturdays were filled with progress and really getting to know these bikes.

    Now take her away before I cry (again) please.
    I am also excited for the new owner when they feel they got quite the bargain.
    Located in Mascot, NSW.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
  3. Stephen_Spencer


    May 31, 2017
    Mate, I would love that as a companion to my CR, but it was immediately vetoed by higher authority, ‘er indoors’!

    So what if I’ve just spent 30K on a Norton and we need a new kitchen. Women are so unreasonable!!

    Good luck with the sale.

    Sunshine Coast
  4. nopdog

    nopdog VIP MEMBER

    Apr 24, 2017
    Hi GKrider
    Has it got the decat on it.
    Or should I send you a message
  5. GKRyder


    Mar 20, 2016

    Yes Decat Shorty pipes.

    GKRyder AKA Bob
  6. nopdog

    nopdog VIP MEMBER

    Apr 24, 2017
    Responded to your message
  7. GKRyder


    Mar 20, 2016
    No progress. Have crunched the numbers.


    Would rather sell to an Access Norton member but she needs to go on general market.

    Has shorty decat pipes. Sound fantastic.

    Parts replaced with new from Norton:
    Primary cover and gasket
    LH clip on
    LH switch gear
    Left footpeg
    Toe shifter
    Two front indicators
    New speedo
    New tach
    New oil filter and oil.

    Parts repaired:
    Headlight bucket
    Numberplate holder
    Gauge bracket

    Sounds more smoother than what my Sport did but I don't see any upgrades (ie oil separator, coils, banjo ). Importantly no oil in airbox though.
    Air filter looked as little dirty to me so I got a new one.Not installed yet.

    No oil leaks! Runs a bit rich (to me).
  8. GKRyder


    Mar 20, 2016
    Broken link removed
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  9. Stephen_Spencer


    May 31, 2017
    Hi Bob,

    Little confused about the second thread included above but you will read from it that thread that I would like to purchase the bloody nosed cafe racer for the listed price. Will be happy to pay for transportation or will bring a trailer down and pick the bike up directly.

    I am in Queensland so can register the bike. That said, I may keep it for spares for my 2015 CR or maybe convert to a special - I feel a modern Triton coming on!

    Grateful for your efforts to repair this bike and delighted to carry on the task.

    Please give me a call when you have a moment to make arrangements.

    Best regards.

    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018

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