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Dec 24, 2003
Mt Tambourine-Canungra, 5th Dec 04.

Many thanks to Kris for supplying the photos for the website !

The sky was looking good early on for our ride around the Mt Tambourine area. But as soon as David & myself filled up at Kedron, the rain came in from the east. By the time we got to the first meeting point it had stopped completely.

Reg, David, Kris, Graham, Matthew, Tim & Lou headed down to BP Yatala to hook up with Murray, Allan, Ting, Peter & a last minute arrival Jim.

The 12 of us then rode towards Mt Tambourine via the Bearded Dragon Hotel. Murray was setting a fairly quick pace when blow me down, a bloody Ariel Square 4 ridden by a maniac introduced as "Tim" decided he was gunna show us that his bike certainly could "Keep Up". He snuck past us unexpectedly & we were off giving chase. A car coming in the opposite direction flashed us & sure enuff, a snake in the grass around a bend was camped, waiting to catch the unwary.

Downcogging & redlining once more, Tim had the lead & wasn't going to give it up easily. He timed his attack well as we had by then hit the twisties, we had cars to contend with & the roadway was a little wet in places from small showers.

The Ariel was waiting for us in the "car park" & Tim had this big silly grin on his face !! He & his "Squafa" will remain entrenched in our minds from this day on. Yeah, it could "keep up" with our commandos :)

Everyone was getting "thirsty" so off to St. Bernards Hotel to quench the fire. Lou brought a ticket in that rather "large" bottle of Bourbon by the way. I'll keep u posted.

After a quick "beer n smoke", we headed for Canungra, downhill twisties & you need to b very careful.....or just mad. Murray disappeared from view, I am sure he had something to prove to Ariel Tim. We weren't far behind them & a cupla cage drivers.

We pulled up at the Canungra pub & all we could hear was sounds of laughter from the blokes just arriving. Apparently "Peter Ural" had decided he didn't need to watch where he was headed when Ting shouted something at him from one side. Well Pete ended up in the Bush.....luckily not too far in & whipped his Ural back out & onto solid bitumen before any damage was done.

We were met at the pub door by none other than the publican himself & asked if we would all like "Free Beer" for lunch. Just kidding, he organised steak sandwiches for us all quick smart, great hospitality !! Time to head off and most of us would have made it "halfway" home when Huey sent it down !!! Too late Huey, we all had a great ride & day. Thanks to all that did the ride under threat of rain for the duration of the ride.

Until next time, ride safe.
Reg Ellis.
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