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Feb 6, 2011
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Hi everyone has anyone got any recommendations for motorcycle painters, bit to cold to get the finish I'm after on my Commando tank and tail unit so thinking of sending it out or renting a booth just weighing up the different costs.

Thanks in advance :)
FD Motorcyles are very good. But they pissed me off by sand blasting the tank, even though I told them not to, and then not even bothering to empty out the freakin sand !

I now use a guy near Newport Pagnell but he’s always stacked out.

You might try B+Bogus, a member on here…
Jesus that sucks mate places get so obsessed with media blasting.
As time consuming as it is degreasing and sanding down with a the right grades of paper in most cases is far better....especially on a tank and side could try heating a small dust free work area to get the desired curing temperature ?...
Copy and paste from my previous post about decals:

I bought stick on decals from Classic Transfers (Robert Derrick ltd). They were excellent, being thin and a very
nice matt gold or silver rather than the typical shiny surface ones . They have side panels logos with pin stripes
included, but the tank pin stripes need to be hand painted.

Thoroughly recommend Vintage Transfers

Many years ago I sprayed a petrol tank and side panels candy apple red. Most people who saw it remarked
how good it is and were surprised I sprayed it myself using correct colour rattle cans from a specialist paint
supplier. However, it took me several goes to get nice as it was difficult to get an even colour of the red lacquer
over the metallic silver base coat over the whole area.

Recently I had a tank sprayed by Wicked coatings in Poole. It is totally fantastic - stunning. As I said to the lady
there "far too good to put on a bike and drive about. Needs to be in a glass case in the living room !"

I supplied Wicked Coatings with decals from Vintage transfers, but they made stencils from them and used
the stencils to paint the silver logos and pinstripes such that the clear lacquer surface is totally smooth.

Thoroughly recommend Wicked Coatings of Poole

Mk II 850 decals
You need to see it in real life, the photos do not do it justice.

And no blasting media. Initially I put filters in the fuel lines, but saw/caught nothing so removed them.

And of course as you say "blue ones are faster". It now does 145 mph in third. Saved a fortune on
not fitting 920cc barrels, high comp pistons, megacycle cam, big valves, huge carbs ....... etc
The metalflake blue is very nice paint job. The paint on my bike is quite shabby, it wasnt good when the tank was new... so following this discussion with interest. There is a bit of surface rust that will need treatment and a tiny dent that will need filling, or pulling out. Would the guys at Poole do that as well? Do they 'know' the specs for the colour or did you supply them with a colour to match to?
Wicked Coating set up is very proffesional. All clean and tidy with big clean and tidy, purpose
specific benches and racks/shelving staffed with lovely people. The Own/manager gave me
a tour when I took the tank there.

I have an original fire-flake blue fastback tail unit that I bought decades ago and has been
stored in the dark. I asked them to colour match it, but I wanted smaller metal flake particles.
They sourced the metal flake particles and asked me to agree/authorise their use.

I expected Wicked Coatings to use the decals I bought from Vintage transfers, but as stated
above they used them to make stencils.

Although I was expecting it to be expensive, people who have seen it have said it's very good
value. And it is. Not only has it increased the sale value , but as I said it increased the performance.

Note: This Commando will never be for sale, it is being buried with me
for the after life👹.
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