More waffle ?


Dec 24, 2007
Frank, Im not sure if you will read this but I thought I had better change to this forum as I have gone of the Norton track somewhat. Your story of the guy coming of his bike made me chuckle and reminds me of a story about this guy I knew who said he gave a native hitchhiker on one of the islands a lift on his motorbike, it was some distance away and on arrival the hitchhiker was gone! Another event that happened to me this time or rather my friend (Pete) when I was 15 and he was on the back of my trail bike, he spotted his girl friend on the bus that passed us and he said quick! get after that bus, so I drop the clutch and did a wheelstand and saw two feet go past my head from the corner of my eyes as he did a perfect summersault off the back! What a laugh.- Thanks Frank your story brought that back to me. Oh-yeah Pete was ok!