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Dec 5, 2005
Hello all from Sydney, Australia.
Together with my good mate Bernie, we have just got hold of a Commando each, Bernies is a 73 750 Roadster, and I have the dawky looking 74 850 Hi rider.
Both bikes are in for restoration, so we may pester the more learned for helpful information along the way.
I intend to convert my Hi rider to Roadster spec, at least the seat first up, I quite like the little tank and head light so far. I am thinking of cutting off the rear section of the Hi Rider appendage on the seat base and purchasing a new seat cover and foam.
Does the 74 850 have the same dimpled top seat cover as my mates 750 roadster?
Or should I be looking for an alternative way to restore the seat to a roadster style?
Welcome aboard Richard. I absolutely would NOT cut up the Hi Rider seat. As goofy as they are, they may have some real value someday.
Roadster seats can be found all over.
The 73 has a basket weave (dimpled) look with a passenger strap, the 74
has the square pattern with a little more padding and no passenger strap.
Any Roadster seat will fit except the 75, Mark III.

Hi Guys welcome to the forum.

You should be able to find out anything you need to know here. Use the search function to look in our many threads as your question might have already been asked.

I am rebuilding the website in the background with an advanced photo area with a new technical section and much more so stay tuned. You can send me your photos to go in the new photo section.



Welcome to Norton ownership.

I am also in Sydney...working my way through various issues (brakes, blown headgasket, seals, special tools etc).

Happy to compare notes...

What's this, an Australian forum?
I'm in Brisbane. Got a 750 featherbed framed racer.
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