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Oct 25, 2007
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Hi Guys - you may recall a thread I started a while back ref a modified Commando Kickstart - this seemed to start a fair bit of discussion and some recommendations. I eventually purchased a kickstart from Avery Products. It was supplied in zinc plate finish thus I duly took it to Standard Chrome in Coventry to be chrome plated and I collected it last week (it looks great). Yesterday I went to fit it and found that it doesn't fit my bike. The lever does not clear the footrest hangers and there is no way it ever will! In fairness Avery Products did describe the kickstart as an 'AMC Competition Kickstart'. Looking at the lever it is intended for Commandoes etc. with rearsets.
The crux of this is that the lever is for sale @ £50.00 + P&P (UK only please).

Anybody interested ?

Hi Martin
I will take it of your hands.
I will need one for the flat track project.
I have a couple of standard ones but as I have not finalised the exhaust system yet so I can use your kickstart.
all the best Chris
Shame I wasn't up earlier this morning...!

Any chance of a picture and/or contact details for Avery? Sounds like just what I'm after!



Hi fin_du_monde. The contact is:-

Terry Weedy
Avery Products,
65 Falcon Square
SO50 9JF

Tel 02380 613690

I was going to send a photo but I haven't got your email address - I'll try and post one here tomorrow.
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