missing man?

Aug 24, 2005
Hi to all, I am a little concerned -- I have not seen a posting lately from our good friend norbsa, a.k.a Greg Fauth. Have I overlooked something?.
Greg, if you are out there in Flint -- let us know that you are well.
I had an e-mail from him only a couple of days ago, so I think he's OK.
I saw Greg and his lovely lady friend in Grattan a couple of weeks ago.

They may have taken the scenic route home from there...
missing man

Les and grandpaul,thanks for the feedback, glad that norbsa is up and about. James.
I have been hard at the BSA's, and girl friends do change the time in your life. I will post some Pictures if someone likes BSA's.Thanks for asking after me.
If you happened to get any decent pictures of me on either bike,I'd sure like to see 'em.

Thanx again for cheering me on, it was a double hoot.