mikuni setup

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May 20, 2004
Just received a mikuni carb conversion kit with K&N. I am hoping its a fairly easy bolt on job. The carb is used and was purchased on ebay,so I dont have any setup details. Has any one got one fitted who can tell me how to set it up.

Before you mount it pull it down and log all of the jets, neddle, slide cut away # so on. Get a Norton tech digest there are bench mark settings for 34mm and 36mm carbs there. I have found the cables that come with the kits to be way too heavy. Build your own out of the lightest stuff you can find. Carb should need choke for a block or two this is a good thing. All adjustments are done one at a time on a warm motor. norbsa

Why is it important to have the lightest throttle cables you can find?

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does it have double springs in the body? Mine has two, if you use only one, app. the intake vacuum can cause the slide to stay up at high speed-woooohoooo!

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Jason, when the cable enters the carb it does so at an angle. the cables that come with these kits is so stiff that they kink the slide in the body and gall the chrome right away. I seen this three times. norbsa
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