Mid-Ohio Suggestions

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Jul 10, 2004
I am thinking of riding out to the Mid-Ohio meeting (my first time). I would be riding my BMW K1200LT; I fear that riding 550 miles each way on the Norton would be the end of me or it, or both!

Can I get some suggestions for lodging; I cannot camp. Where is the nearest medium-priced motel. How hard is it to get rooms (we are now about 3 weeks out)? I may make a trip to MN (business) and do this on the way out or back?

I'd love to watch some racing, or even a practice session, and would want to walk around the swap meet for a while. Which is the best time to arrive if I can do only about 1-1/2 days there.

TIA Stuart Ostroff, Phila
Hi Stuart,

Should be lots of fun! I was planning to go - riding Chugley from Colorado with a friend - but that deal fell apart and besides it's just too far from here, over 1200 miles each way. Too far even to drive in my opinion.

You might have a hard time finding a motel near the track at this late date but you could try the Holiday Inn Express in Ashland. That's about 30 mins away and they may still have space available. That's where I was going to stay until I bagged the whole idea.

Ducati is supposed to be offering demo rides this year. I wanted to try out an ST3 or ST4s. Very nice bikes although quite expensive.

have fun,
Found Hotel

Vintage MC Days:
I decided to head out sometime on Friday, probably very early, so I looked for a hotel for Fri and Sat night. Need to be home late Sunday afternoon, and it is 450 miles each way from Phila.

I called about a dozen hotels and got nowhere. So I called AMEX Platinum Travel and in a couple hours they called me back, holding a reservation at Country Inns & Suites in Mansfield, which is just between Lexington and Ashland. Pretty convenient and looks nice on the web site. $71 per night.

See you all sometime Friday afternoon. The "gathering" part of this weekend is at the fairgrounds in Ashland? And I look for . . . . ?

Stuart Ostroff
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