Michael Dunlop TT GOAT

The bravest men in the world.
If you need to be brave to race, you probably should not be racing. I suggest anyone who races on the IOM needs to be brave. I would not race there, unless I was on a very slow motorcycle. Even a Manx Norton might be too fast. When you watch the onboard videos, how do you know which side of the road the motorcycle should be on as it approaches corners ? You would need to have a good memory - one lapse and you would be gone. If I race, I am almost completely brainless. I just let it all happen and become situationalist. On the IOM you would really need to know where you are going, and there is a lot of it. A normal rider can usually learn a small circuit in about 5 laps, and be fast.
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If you had a slow bike you be a nowhere man on the IOM and an old bike be just left behind, these IOM riders are very brave and the speeds they do, can't be brainless at all one mistake could cost your life and to win 27 times I think he knows the circuit pretty good.
My Manx has raced the TT twice. I've been touring the Mountain Course. Would never race there.