Merry Christmas

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Nov 19, 2004
Thanks to the Norton List....A Merry Christmas!!! Today I'll be sitting in the cold(OK,,,chilly) garage with my trusty( I hope I can trust it) multimeter attempting to chase down a short. (one HD replacement barrel key switch on standby) I wonder if all those naked wires (black tape removed) will all go back into a tight bundle like I found them. :?
With any luck at all by 4PM I'll pause for concideration and bring from the shelf a bottle of brandy for a toast to another year(whoops that's not till next week) of life and the optimism that tomorrow I will be annoying the neighbors with the throaty rasp of a well sorted Norton. Peace be with you!!! Billsq4
I've been busy in my heated garage changing fork oil and sanding the TLS brake shoes. Last night we hit -9F and the high for the day was only +5. But today, back in the 40's. Could actually do an xmas day ride but there's too much snow and ice in the alley. But with a little luck I can annoy my neighbors with the throaty rasp of my Snortin Norton for New Years Day.

Actually my mufflers have internal baffles and they aren't that loud. My Ducati is another matter. It sets off car alarms. But this is a Norton forum so let's not go there :)

Happy holidays,
And Merry Christmas to you all!just register to this forum now that I just bought my first Norton,a 1972 Comando Combat,880 Kenny Dreer conversion,THE Cafe Racer,what a Christmas gift.Unfortunately I cannot ride it before next september,must finish restoring our 104 years old house first ,that is the deal with my boss and she is not negotiable,at least the bike is there.
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