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Feb 22, 2006
I am disappearing till after New Year so I'd like to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year and thank you all for your informative, enlightening and humourous articles throughout the year.

This forum makes NORTONIA a better place.

All the best
And so this is Christmas

Too right, My Norton is a nicer machine to ride because of this forum and you guys who keep it going, thanks for a great year and Merry Christmas to all.
Must get that tingle out of my bars!!
Safe riding for all over the Christmas period
Happy Holidays from snowed-in Colorado. It's going to be a white Xmas here for sure - major winter storm as we speak, 15 inches deep in my backyard and probably double that by morning. No Xmas Day ride this year. Shop time I guess.

It's going to dip down into the 50s tonight, so I may have to wear a jacket on my AM ride to work.

Happy Holidays from Houston, Texas!

Don't know how you take that cold Texas weather! It might get down into the 60s tonight here in AZ, so I guess I better stay inside and trim the Cristmas Cactus :lol:
Ditto Mikes' words. Thanks for all the advice people and a very merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year. Best forget about the weather, its's freezing fog over here for a few more days.....lovely. Thought it was only us Brits that moaned about it. Debby can go skiing anyway if she can get out of her house! Cheers!
I really feel for you guys down south having all that nice weather ect. :evil:

It is usually about -25 deg. centigrade up here around x-mas, but this year so far everything is melting. I love it.
Happy everything! May all of you Norton heads have another safe, wonderful year of riding! Myself, the only turns I am making are on my snowboard. Very envious of all who can still ride. Like for Debby, it will be a white Christmas (gladly take some of that snow) Thanks to all the knowledge and help on this great site. Cheers from the mountains of Idaho Jerome
mike mcmanus said:
This forum makes NORTONIA a better place.
Oh, yes! And a triumphant one too, at times ..... :wink:

Sweet lookin' bonny Werner, I'm not much on the white flaring all over it though :wink: Again have a great Chrissy everyone.

Off I go, HO HO HO
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