Melted spark plug boots

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Jul 31, 2006
Hi, I noticed after some rotten creeping traffic that my spark plug boot rubber had melted over my plugs. (lots of intermittent stopping and idling around at like 0-5 mph...)

anyhow, i checked my plugs (ngk b8es) and both of them are black. the throttle does not have any flat spots and it does not backfire ...

if a bike is jetted properly, could it be "normal" to melt some old rubber spark plug boots from idling around too much? it was only about 65-70 deg. F outside today... oh, and my idle is set so that it idles at 2k if the engine is hot (1k when cold)...

thanks for all of your help!
Sounds like a visit to the local parts store is in modern plug caps...or better yet...replace the entire plug wires. Plugs being black is cool/rich...might invest time in tuning the thing as 2 grand is a bit of flog for the clutch and transmission/shifting. Ice cold it should be maybe 500/600 and warm...below 1500 at least. Do an oil change too...that traffic will break down the oil before you know it.... and that too will send the rpms to the sky...if you sit often in that kind of traffic.....consider either an oil cooler, or the sidewalk...a ticket is cheaper than an engine. :wink:
If the high idle kind of creped up on you you may need to replace the balance hose on the carb manifolds. Also check for a stuck AAU. Check the carb body joints for air leaks with the spray of your choice.
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