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Apr 29, 2005
This is just a long shot however am hoping there are some "Elder" Norton Owners on this forum that either live in Mass. Worcester area or have lived there in the early 70's that might be able to help me. In 1971 I purchased a 1972 850 Norton Roadster from the Norton Dealer in Worcester Mass. I was in the Marines at the time and only stationed at Ayer Mass for three months. I picked up the bike late Saturday from the Dealer and was going to get insurance the following Monday. Needless to say the bike was stolen off the Army Base at Ft. Devens early Sunday morning and of course no insurance. My goal is to find out if this dealer is still in business or maybe there are some records that they still might have. I have forgot the Norton's dealers name and could find nothing on the internet so will try the local biker folks. If I could contact these people and if by luck they would have records, I could get the serial number of the bike and maybe find it. The internet provides much good info as we all know. So anyone from the Mass. area that could help me, it would be appreciated.
This is probably a silly question, but did you report the theft on the base ? Based on what I know of WW2 records, the US Military is almost legendary for the detail of it's record keeping.

If you find the dealer, you might well find the thief. He knew where you lived plus key numbers.

The scumbags who steal motorcycles should be made to realise that their victims are still suffering the psychological consequences 30 years on :cry: I don't suppose bereavement counselling for motorcycles existed all those years ago ?
Ahh sore wounds, 69 Triumph TR6 stolen from outside my house 6 weeks after ownership in 84, used insurance money to buy 850 MK2A Interstate that I still own today :D . Missus left the house before me and did not notice the bike was missing, I have never let her forget :lol:
Worchester Norton dealer

I've got a Norton dealer list from 1974. I'll check when I get home tonight and post the possibilities. You might remember the name if you see it.

79x100--- not a silly question, but yes I did report the bike stolen. From what I remember from my own investigation is that a van was seen pulling up the barracks, then sped away and run the gate. I could see the marks in the parking lot where the Van just barely broke tires in taking off. The gate guard (Army) did not enter it in his log or report it to the Command Post. He did say later that a van ran the gate. I spoke to the Army MP's and basically they could give a shit for some unknown reason??? I spoke to the local Ayer police and they said it was probably a bike gang and the bike would have been in many pieces by the time it was 10 miles from base and then put in various vehicles. But yes, the feelings is still in this old body and if I would every catch the thief, yes I could shoot his ass very easy and have no lasting thoughts. I had saved the money for this bike from back to back tours in VietNam so it had more meaning I guess than normal. I have the time so thought I would give it a shot to find the bike if at all possible but if not then so be it. Any help would be appreciated. It was a really beautiful bike, purred like a kitten, black with gold trim@! semper fi devildog
Worcester Norton dealer

Here you go:

Performance Cycle
10 S.W. Cut Off
Worcester, Ma 01604

I was in Worcester in May this year and on Cut Off. I didn't notice any Norton dealer, but there's a Harley dealer on that road.
Just to put the final nail in...

MANAGEMENT: The owner, Phil Harter, originally from upstate New York came to the Worcester area in 1969 via Purdue University to work at Heald Machine Company. Phil started Performance Cycles in 1972 with franchises for Norton, Ducati, and AJS motorcycles in an 800 square foot building on West Boylston Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. Several moves and 30 plus years later, he's still here trying to make things run smoothly. Phil's daughter and General Manager, Jennifer Harter, started working at Performance Cycles full time in 2001 after graduating from Merrimack College and beginning a career in the dot com world with CMGi. Now she oversees general operations for her Dad.
Stolen Norton

Captain, thanks for the info. I did call Jennifer and spoke to her. She is going to check with her dad to see they still have the records that go back that far. Would be interesting if they did and more interesting if I could located that bike after all these years. Anyway thanks very much for your post and info. semper fi devildog
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