MAin jets yet again!!

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This is reviving an older issue but I am in the same quandry as the previous of Feb 04 ..

My 850 73 is running '32's carbs and have 260 main jets.. the right carb runs a nice spark plug colour, but the left carb is is sooted and the overall running is rough, although idling is fine

The carbs have Stainless steel inserts and standared air cleaner.

When I got the bike on road after a long term restore, I found the carby rebuilds were so shonky that when I primed the carbs on start, the fuel leaked through the gasket on the fuel bowls and the body.

I used wet and dry paper on a sheet of glass to gain a good surface and asuitable fuel seal. 8)

I am thinking in gaining the ideal gasket seal on the fuel bowl, particularly the left side, would it be feasible that the fuel level has been raised to create a rich fuel mix?? :shock:

I bought a set of 250 main jets, but they simply DO NOT fit.. or screw into the main jet seat!! They appear to be the same thread, but seem just a slightly larger thread (??)
Main Jets Again!

I had a similar situation and it proved to be a float height adjustment problem. Floats too high, or stuck?
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