Lucas Hip Flask

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It's to help keep you company when it's a 'Dark, stormy night' on a dark lonely road.... :lol: :lol:
It goes with the T-shirt a friend has (he's a TR4 sports-car owner). On the front it says "Joseph Lucas - Prince of Darkness". On the back it says "The reason the Brits drink warm beer is that they have Lucas refrigerators".

His TR carries a bumper sticker that reads "The parts falling off this car are of the finest British craftsmanship"
Bumper sticker is sadly literally true, though.

My father loved TR's because they were fast and handled so well and he raced a number of them in very early 60's , all new cars...but one thing we did, was ALWAYS use the same route to and from some place we had to drive. Being a kid, and curious, I noticed this, and asked him why. Got, what I thought at the time, was a sarcastic answer, but in reality a true answer.

"To watch for parts that fell off on the way there"......

I remember one day having to get out and pick up the rear bumper....
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