Looking for original seat for 1973 commando 850 roadster

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Thanks for your reply. The 1975 seat is beautiful but not the same look as the 1973 and appears to have a different mounting connection.
Yes, the '75 roadster seat has thicker foam and is the square pattern cover as well as being hinged. The '73 and late '72 model seats had the "basket weave" upholstery pattern. The foam shape is the same from '71-'74 although some of the '71-72 pans are fiberglass rather than steel.
I have a 73 seat, without seat strap (I gave that away last week).

Where are you located?
Rod, I tried to send a PM. Didn't seem to be working. Here's the message:

Did you get your seat yet? I've got a new one. Steel pan, basket weave w/strap. I'm in need of a 750 cylinder, .020 or less overbore or +.040 pistons. Any possibility of a trade?
Rod, I don't have any pictures, but I just took a look at it. It looks in pretty good shape. The strap is missing (gave it away a week or two ago) as I said, and on the underside, there are four round "bumpers" the seat rides on (against frame rails I imagine) - two are fine, one has lost the felt covering but has the rubber cushion underneath, and one is missing. Other than that, it looks in fine shape and I imagine a little armorall would have it looking pretty close to new.

I'm not selling it. It's yours for postage if you want it, with best wishes for your restoration project. - Brian
Hi Brian and thanks for the so kind offer. May I ask if your seat has the chrome strip along the side and is the Norton logo gold or silver?
Thanks very much Brian. I am looking to keep very much original and so will pass on you r offer as there will likely be someone else who can use the seat you have.
No problem Rod, sorry not to have been able to help but best of luck in your search! - Brian
FYI - I bought a replacement (i.e. repro) 73 seat with the basketweave top and silver logo from Old Britts (Washington, Seattle area) about a year ago. It was about $300. The only problem with it is that it doesn't have chrome edging strip and I think the originals did have. I will replace the edging one day I think to take it back to "as original" codnition. Other than that, I think it is a pretty acceptable replacement.
No chrome strip on my OEM seat.

Really?? I have never seen an OEM seat without the chrome lower strip, '73 or other (except Fastback). The chrome doesn't last long before it cracks and peels. Could it have been removed?

Only on certain reproduction seats have I seen the all black lower molding.
The chrome strip is available from Rabers in San Jose California, just got one to replace the old one on my 1973 Commando a couple of weeks ago
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