Looking for NORTON Owners in Florida

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Nov 21, 2005
one thing has become apparent, to me at lest, some of us Norton caretakers don't know where or how close we are to each-other.

Would any Florida Norton Owners like to have a list of who is where and have what?

If so, email me off-list with as much info as you care to share and I will compile and send back a Who, What, Where Directory to all who participate..

Regards Chris
Having any luck? INOA has all the members by state but desn't look like enough to create a critical mass down south. they do have a group in Jax but thats a little far from us. Thats the problem with living in a tate thats 90% surrounded by water. :(

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Hey there Scoot, been waiting for you to check in.. :eek:) but I do have your email saved .. I must look for that INOA book?? can't remember receiving one, but I AM an old -blonde- male... sigh I have received about eight replies scattered around.. never know who we might turn up PLUS some folks that may not be INOA members?? YET :O) .. do take care and hopefully SOMEday we hook up and RIDE... Regards! Chris
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