loctite question

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Aug 6, 2005
Can anyone confirm if heat as in oven temp (300 degrees) would cause loctited surfaces to loose their bond?
Thanks a lot norbsa I thought the heat was my problem, but wasn't sure. I had two pieces with blue loctite pull apart easily by hand and the only thing I could think that I'd done was put them in the oven a few weeks ago.
Loctite does make a high heat application blue mid. strengh product. It's used on pipe flanges that get real hot. Have you noticed that they are changing over to a wax like stick for most of thier product lines? It's much neater than the bottle full of liquid I can't help but think that lawyers were envolved in this design. Oh my eye, Oh some got in my mouth, Oh some got in my cut. Am I going to die now.

Now you're thinking!

Imagine the advantages of a Loctite sort of stuff for the heart surgeons....if something goes amiss...... just apply a bit of heat, and open er up again! Save a lot of catgut and all those trips back to the doctor to get the stitches taken out. Or inserting a bottle in every first aid kit...the possiblities are endless! Better patent the idea, before Loctite does!

Let us know how it works out...... and please send us some pictures of the Manx you buy with the proceeds.....:wink:
As far as I know Loctite gives up progressively from 120c and breakes down completely 160c I think. High temp Loctite is noly good for 180c, so I think 300 has totally fried yours.
I thought the oven did me in, but wanted to see if that could be confirmed. Ordered some 680 and primer T to redo it the right way. Thanks for the info everyone.
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