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Jul 18, 2004
Considering the serious vibes involved with Norton's - would it be overkill to use locktite red on every nut and bolt?

Any I shouldn't - or any I specifically should?

Any feed back most welcome!


Yes - it would definitely be overkill to put Locktite on every nut and bolt on your Norton. I recommend Locktite on the rod nuts, oil pump bolts/nuts, and the lifter retaining screws. The only other threaded parts that may loosen are the exhaust nuts. And these will stay put without Locktite or retainer mechanisms after they have been re-tightened a time or two.

By the way, just how did you get that photo of the lock nut on your post?


Hi Jason,

Funny it should be you to respond! I just read your story about visiting your brother, and I've been reading up on carb maintenance and the effects of vibration on them. I am getting the feeling that my bike might rattle to pieces as I drive down the road! I thought it might be a bit of overkill, :roll: but less wrenching and more peace of mind!

You can add a pic in your profile, see the Avatar control panel at the bottom of the profile page.
First you need to post the pic somewhere on the net, then add the full url.


Thank you for reading my essay!

I'm trying to improve my writing skills so please let me know what you liked and didn't like about my essay. And don't worry about hurting my feelings. I attempted to solicit comments from Debby, (are you listening Deb?) but I think she's too preoccupied with pesky "carbatooters" at the moment.

I mentioned the left-hand side cover flying off in my essay. This is a real problem and not just me trying to jazz up the story. Interestingly, the left-hand side cover on my '75 Commando is not secured with bolts/nuts/screws, which is probably why it's prone to flying off. Instead it's held in place with a flimsy plastic fastener, which may not fully engage its corresponding "nut" if care is not taken when making up the connection.

Also, thanks for the tip on posting photographs.


Oops. I must have missed your request for comments Jason. Will take a look and PM you.

So I just looked at that British Marketing website that's linked from the home page. Wasn't I suprised to see my bike listed for sale! But they say it's a 1976 and they want $8000 for it! The photo is stolen from the little article Jerry ran on my bike in the Visuals section. Jerry - do you know these guys? What's going on???

Thread Lock Compounds

I have been using thread compounds on assorted parts for years with excelleny results! You just have to use the proper product. If you go to the link included below you can see all the products and intended usage.
( I have no interest or connection with the Loctite Co.)

L. Schaffer

http://www.loctite.com/int_henkel/loctite_us/index.cfm? &pageid=19&layout=3
Debby Bike for sale

I called the bike shop up "British Marketing"

They said sorry and that they were making the website and didnt realize anyone was looking at it. They just wanted a Norton temp. and that was the only one they could get.

They did steal the image. I will make it so the images from my site cannot be stolen. Most of the images you cannot right click and steal.

They are going to take off your photo.

I must have forgotton to add the script to that page.

I will fix it :!:

Blue loctite

You can use blue loctite pretty much wherever you want on the lesser nuts for peace of mind. Exhaust pipe hangers, fairings, brakes, oil tank, side panels, primary, drain plugs, etc. I safety wire the important nuts.

Save the red loctite for critical nuts that don't come apart often - con rods, oil pump, etc.
If you have any questions about Loctite contact them via thier website and they will get back to you. A real person who knows the product actually called me on the phone in response to a question I had.

Warning: not all loctite products will work well when in contact with oil, grease or ATF. So be careful what you use and where you use it.

In my opinion the two greatest inventions since the Norton Motorcycle are Loctite and Teflon tape.(lol)

Ride On
Would you use Loctite when rebuilding AMAL Carbs? Particularly the jet holder for the needle jet and the main jet.

I have used Loctite to secure the jet holder to the carburetor body. This prevents the jet holder from backing out when changing main jets through the access port in the float bowl. I would not use Loctite on any other carburetor components, however.

Good comment/question.

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