little pluggy thingymedoo, what youmecallit

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Sep 19, 2007
I have a 850 Commando and therefore a little plug-in on the right side.
I found out that an easy way to trickle charge the battery is via the plug in.
Originally (I think) this plug-in was intended for a trouble light.
Is there any source (other then being lucky at a British boot/trunk sale, which I'm kinda far away located from) to obtain a plug for this plug-in thingymedoo whatyoumecallit gizmo?????
I do have a '48 MG-TC that has an old original trouble light that fits this plug-in, but I like to keep that in the original state, so I do not want to canabalize this trouble light for it's plug.

Love to get my hands on such a plug....

Josh in Calgary, Alberta
I don't think they are available anymore, but, if you find a couple I'll have one.

I did the smart thing a year or two back and put the thingamy in a safe place rather than leave it on the bike and lose it .... if only i could remember where that safe place was... :roll:
Make one yourself, couple leads and an old flashlite will work. Think about it and it will not be that complicated. Made one myself, years ago, but mine also in a safe place... :wink:

It would though indeed be a good suggestion to Norvil...they make parts if someone comes up with a good idea...drop them a mail.
Since I'm on the topic; What was this plug-in used for??? Did it came with an electric (Lucas?) trouble light? Are there any other things that it could be used for? Just curious....
dezwartj said:
What was this plug-in used for??? Did it came with an electric (Lucas?) trouble light? Are there any other things that it could be used for?

Quoted from the Owner's Handbook:

"Power take off socket

A socket is provided, mounted on the side of the battery tray at the right hand side. A plug is provided also to fix to any useful accessory desired by the rider (e.g. wireless, electric shaver, and numerous other items)......"

"...Apart from providing a power source, a battery charger may be plugged in at the socket"

And, as far as I'm aware, no Norton accessories, such as a trouble light were ever available?
Plug the wireless into the socket for a little background music, add Norton powered mood lighting, then cook your trout this way

It's only a BSA but the method is the same with a Norton. Allow 17 minutes per inch of Fish thickness with a BSA 441, 14 minutes per inch with much hotter Norton Commando.

and the women will want you so!
I got a reply from Norville that the plug was manufactured by Radio Shack but it was not fitted after 1977 since it caused too may wiring fires.....

Easy to do I'm sure. God knows what kind of accessoires people used on it...
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