Left hand jammie

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May 22, 2004
Ok folks I have spruced high and low how I have sorted my Commando ~ and I stick by that ~ BUT -

The left hand header pipe refuses to stay rock solid as the right hand side... has always done ~

I have reached the point where .. this afternoon . I noted it was loose again.. and subsequently the pipe and muffler flopping around .. I simply went out anyway ~

I have endeavoured to get the puppie as solid as the right hand side as long as I have owned the bike .. ( 18 years ) .. but despite my best efforts the *(^*^*%$_ thing still works loose ~
Have you tried applying high temperature copper sealant?

I had the same problem. put the sealant on the threads, tightened the head nut. Ran the bike until it heated the sealant. Tightened again and then let it dry overnight.

Stayed tight, no clips or retightening needed.
exhaust tightening

Hi Stuart,
I can not say that this is your problem, but, on my bike I don't believe that the nut effectively tightens all the way to the bottom. I ended up using two of the copper crush gaskets in each hole in order to fully tighten the pipe. I just put the new one in on top of the old one so that I was not trying to crush both at once.
Left hand jammie

I agree with Geo46er. The exhaust gland nut tightens well before the bottom of the threads and one copper gasket is not enough. I had to install two copper gaskets to ensure that the exhaust pipe was tight. Try this and report back.
I have never seen a case where the 750 style exhaust rose required two gaskets. The 850 rose are shorter and are designed to be used with collets and without those the flange would likely pull through the exhaust rose as well as the rose not bottoming in the threads.
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