Leaking fiberglass tank

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Nov 23, 2004
Hello All,

I have two questions! First my 70 fiberglass tank looks to be solid, but there is a repair underneath, and I was told these tanks will deteriorate rapidly with modern fuels. Can I use a product like Por 15 to seal AND protect the tank? and my second questions is.......Who publishes the best service and parts manuals for a 70? and where can I get one? Is there a recommended Ebay store or board member.

Thanks John
John ; I just finished doing my glass Interstate tank with Caswell plating co. special state of the art epoxy. After 2 months with californias' finest "gas" it works perfcttly. No problems and the tank always has gas in it. Try WWW.caswellplating.com/aids/epoxygas.html.

Bill Edwards Simi Valley Ca, 75 850 Interstate. :)
Triple John,

There are several posts on this topic - Haynes, Clymer, DVD etc.. The Haynes is like newsprint but the info is good.

I would strongly recommend that you read both the INOA Tech Digest http://www.bracebridge-street.com/tech.htm and the NOC Commando Service Notes. Http://www.nortonownersclub.org/spares/spares_detail.html They are the collected wisdom (and in some cases the ramblings) of Nortonphiles and do a great job of filling in the blanks left by the (sometimes) vague manual.

Thanks for the info on Caswell. I will get that epoxy sealer on order. I have seen lots of manuals on Ebay, and I assume the CD's are copies? Is there a recommended seller on Ebay? also thank for the other websites.....My goal is to get this bike running by springtime :lol:
Por 15


I used the POR15 "system" on my glass Interstate tank and it works very well. Follow the instructions on the cleaning out phase. I used a heat gun to dry out following the cleaning, then did the treatment. Took a few hours altogether, no futher leaks. (mine was weeping).

I have just painted my tank and filled it up with fuel and discovered there is a leak at the top and was wondering if there is anyway to repair it with out have to respray my tank is there any that goes into the inside of the tank to seal it all help will be appreciated
Triple John,
I don't know of any seller from eBay, but here is the website of the publisher -

You may order direct from him or many Norton spares dealers.

The Caswell and POR-15 sealers all go inside the tank. The tank must be clean and dry first.
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