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Jun 10, 2006
I have yet to see anyone putting their hand up and saying they are running any of the 'new generation' ignition systems such as Pazon? If anyone is using a more modern system than Boyer/Rita , can they pass on their experiences. Some give rev limiting, adjustable advance curves etc which may help those of use running 'hotter' cams. Although my Boyer is running just fine.... it does have expensive problems on an electric start bike should it kickback on a non-fully charged battery.
Jay in NZ
Pazon is located quite close to Boyer geographically. Is there any connection ?

I would like to get away from the voltage sensitivity of the Boyer and I have doubts about the quality of the more recent control boxes. I have spoken to people using the Boyer "micro digital" but not learned if it is actually an improvement for street use.

My early (finned box) RITA was modified years ago by Mistral for the PW3 cam. I believe the disadvantage of the early RITA is a relatively heavy current draw.

I would happily consider an alternative but would want to be convinced of reliability and that it wouldn't be temperamental in the event of the odd "dry" connection or something.

I look forward to seeing the responses on this one.
While I'm on......I replaced my dead 20yr old Boyer with a Microdigital last year and felt no improvement either under load or at tickover which it's claimed will improve. Personally I wouldn't bother as there is a downside known as "kickback". If I don't really follow through with a hard kick the kickback is far more frequent than I used to occasionally get with the stock analogue Boyer and I guess that's obvious since it has more advance at lower revs than analogue. Seems not all that extra initial? advance gets retarded out at starting revs (battery is not the problem). Boyer were not surprised! I just make sure I give it a real good boot!
Yes the man and wife team running Pazon. worked for Boyer for years. The base of the problem to me seems to be " this ing system has the best curve in the business" Or " we can set your curve to any spec you like" No one seems like there willing to give up thier hard earned secrets found by dyno testing. With good reason all the OEM folks run conseritive timming curves and the question of were you start and were you stop is just as important see Dyno Dave's site. I was all fired up to buy one of the new set ups but never got any good feedback on how to order it from any of the OEM guys. It seems like if you use the money gun aproach Steve Mannly has the best race tested and most expenseve soloution. Maybe we could all chip in and get an expert to reverse engineer one of these but that don't seem very fair does it.
i recently saw an ad for dynatek's ignition system in a classic bike mag.. seems they are only making em for older jap bikes, but im gonna shoot them an email and see what they say. the ad has some nice looking pics and their website makes em out to be a pretty decent company.
I've been thinking of going the Pazon route for my next Norton chop. I simply like the idea of going with something newer. Hopefully it'll also be better.
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