Late 1960's derelict Atlas

Oct 7, 2005
In discussions with a fellow employee today he mentioned that his father has an "old Norton", maybe 1965 or so. Hasn't been run or anything for maybe 15 years.

From the decsription, it sounds like an Atlas. Would it be worth anything as a restorable? I don't suppose it would be worth what it would take to restore it by the time I'd finish it, but it might be an interesting project, particularly since I worked at N-V and I'm quite familiar with the Atlas.

Any comments?

I do remember a complaint from a new Atlas owner, when I was in the Experimental Department. He complained that he could only get about 82 mph top speed - much less than published figures, and his gas mileage was down in the low 30's to a UK gallon.

We were so horrified, we invited him to visit the factory to see if we could figure out what the problem was. He showed up with his Atlas hooked to a double-adult sidecar, occupied by his fairly large wife and two children!
Frank, I think that these projects very rarely make solid financial sense but that doesn't stop tens of thousands of us around the world being obsessed with little else.

At least you'll have the comfort of knowing that you're not the only lunatic in the asylum :)
"Obsession" is the key word there, 79X100.

Ever since I started my Bonneville Special project, I find myself going out into the garage and just staring at the bike... for what seems to me to be an obsessive amount of time.

I've new bars and grips on order and can't wait until they get here! There's nothing wrong with the ones on it, except that I want something different.

The strange thing is, before I found this website, I hadn't really looked at the bike in years!

You don't have to explain to me Al !

A mug of tea, a packet of Hobnobs and a few minutes quiet reflection in the company of a couple of old motorcycles...Heaven ! :roll:
Because of our schedules I might not see my buddy for a couple of weeks. I'll be taking one of my Norton books to help him identify this "relic". Will advise when I know more.
Thanks for posting the link Les. I realised as I typed that it was probably a culturally confusing reference but then these differences are part of what make it all so interesting :)

I quite like this link as well, I even use the same Cornish-ware cups as the author. It's not just my motorcycles that are old-fashioned :roll: ... p3?item=12
Les, You are in danger of overtaking Google as our prefered search engine. Bertie Wooster would undoubtedly have engaged you, if that blighter Jeeves had not gotten in there first!

Dave M
It turns out that my friend's Dad's bike is a 1974 Commando. Warren says it's totally derelict and badly corroded but it's part of Dad's "memories" and he won't part with it.

I haven't seen it and don't know which model it is.