Laguna Seca

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Jan 15, 2006
How's this for frustrating: I live about 60 miles north of Laguna Seca Raceway, have a sister about 40 miles south of it, and just drove past after visiting her, but I won't be able to make it for the MotoGP. aarrrrgh! :cry:

I don't know if it's available on tape/DVD, but back when Eddie Lawson was racing Superbike/AMA, (about '80-'82), they put a camera on his KZ1000 Kawazaki and filmed a lap at race pace on the original track layout. They wired him with a mike, and he gave a description of what was happening during the lap. It's been twenty years since I've seen it, but it still stand out in my mind. BTW, his bike was dyno'd at 149 HP at the wheel, and was considered to be the most powerful racebike for some years afterwards, since the Superbike class was changed to 750cc. This was more power than the 500cc two stroke GP bikes made for some years then.

The funny thing I observed at the 'Corkscrew': Saturday after practice, they held the Lightweight Twins race. I watched a Ducati (Cagiva?) come over the crest and the rider fall off. :o:lol:

The bike continued down the steep hill and hit the haybales along the edge of the track. The bike never fell over, and after the race the rider fired it up and rode back to the pits. I stood there thinking, " note to self, do not fall off tomorow, or at least make sure the bike hits the ground before you do!" (BOTT/AMA circa '84-'86)

I'll be at the GP on Saturday with the Commando. I'm not brave enough to do Sunday after the traffic jam last year. My Norton's clutch heated up to where is was not engaging very well. That's never happenned before or after.

Friday through Sunday there's also a vintage motorcycle auction at the Plaza Hotel in Monterey. See this website.
My post was supposed to be a reply to "NOT Norton racing", don't know why it turned up as a separate thread.

My experience, better to get one of the campsites with friends, or bring a motorhome (with friends!) or camp there for the weekend (tent). No sense trying to leave with everyone else, as you have experienced, even on a bike.

Traffic control personnel at these events have never been very bike knowledgeable or friendly. The first time I ran AMA there, with racebike clearly visible (#plates, etc.), and competitor ID papers in windshield, they directed me into the spectators area. They had brought traffic into the area thru the back entrance, so I didn't realize what was going on 'til it was too late
I had a hell of a time convincing them I was supposed to be in the pits. And this problem occured at each roadblock I was directed to. Took me longer to get to the pits than it did to get to the racetrack!
I think they arrested Koscinsci? one year on his way out to his hotel, after crashing on the track. Not sure if practice or race. He was still wired up some from the crash, so was moving faster than normal. Off to jail!
And, of course, CHP and SO and PD's are out in force, looking to generate revenue from all the bikes heading to and from the track. They all put on extra manpower for bike races.
I went yesterday - Saturday - only. Track temperature according to the announcer was 148degrees F. Not much cooler on the Wolf Hill...incredibly hot! Moto Cyzs from Portland, Ore had a booth in the infield, interesting.
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