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Hi all,

Does anybody know the angle the kickstand makes relative to the centerline of the bike when extended and resting on it?

My kickstand is all worn at the top where it stops against the frame. I'll need to add a glob of weld to the top (both kickstand and frame) and grind to the correct profile, but I need to know where to make the protrusion.

Approximation is fine.

This is a problem I seem to find on many of the '72-'75 frames. The tab wears, then the sidestand itself wears as the pressure becomes concentrated on one area. The notch in the stand should be square. Sometimes you have to weld and grind it back if it has worn.

The frame tab is shaped so that when extended as much of the tab as possible is contacting the now square notch in the sidestand. The sidestand itself should be between 9:00 O'clock (90degrees from centerline) and 10:00 O'clock if the front wheel is on 12:00 and the rear on 6:00.

I believe the cause of this wear is allowing the sidestand bolt to be loose. I use a spacer slightly longer than the combined thickness of the hole in the stand and the hole in the tab. Use a nyloc nut or some loctite on the bolt. Without the full spacer the bolt seems to work loose after repeated uses.

Hope this helps.

Ron L
Thanks Ron! Exactly what I need. I just got my new bolt and nyloc nut today in the mail.
Turns out the bolt hole is so worn it's an oval. Also, the bushing looks like it should be replaced.

Not sure what I'm going to do --- buy a new one, or hack off the end and weld on a block of metal to be shaped and drilled ... time vs money. I might like to insert a bronze bushing instead of the standard one.

Gotta dwell on this one ...
Replacement part

I just brought a new "sidestand lug" from a local british shop here in Brisbane, Australia. Cost me $25 AUS.

If you would like to contact them, here is their email address
Their web address is:

Maybe you are able to get one in the USA, I don't know.

I have a welder and know how to use it, but like you have noted, for the time and effort repairing the old one, a new one seemed like a good move.


My 75 Commando also has a sidestand problem. It over-travels when extended to the down position. As you and others have disovered, the major contributor to this problem is a worn frame lug. I believe the source of the lug wear stems from kick starting the bike on the sidestand. I recommend starting the bike only on the center stand.

I installed a new sidestand, whcih does not cure the problem 100% but does improve the fit and makes the situation tolerable.


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