Keihin carbs

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Jun 24, 2003
I just installed a set of keihin flat slide carbs on my 71 commando. The engine had not been started since last fall, the third kick it started and sat there and idled perfectly, a twist of the throttle and the response is instant. Unless you are going for orignal throw all those other carbs away.
Thanks Red, interesting because the usual alternative is the single Mikuni.

I thought flat side carbs are basically for race bikes? Arent they supposed to be tempermental and dare I say, less suitable for the vertical twin configeration? Maybe I'm wrong basis your comment.

How much did you pay and did they come ready to fit straight on with a fitting kit? do you have a website to view?

Thanks your post and please keep us advised of progress.

I hung a set o these on my 850 about 2 years ago. Nothing else I have done to this bike (and have done a lot) has made a more dramatic improvement.

My bike also started up quick out of the box....2nd kick. Adjusted the idle (way easy) and she purred and gave me greater acceleration than ever. Made me put a twin disc on the front.

Redrum....any interference between the throttle cable linkage and your reserve petcock?

Mine came from Sudco to my local shop and set me back about 900. Ouch but worth it in the long run.

Good stuff, Maynard......

Chris likes to go fast
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Photo of the flat slides

Below is a URL where you can find a photo of the carb set-up. The carbs came from sudco, all set up for the bike. I built my manifolds by cutting up the orignal manifolds and made them spicot mounts. This winter I am going to build some new manifolds that will lower the carbs, because I do have a clearence problem with the throttle cables and the fuel tank. The carbs and the push/pull throttle cable cost $780.00 To your question about them being for racing, yes (see sticker in photo) I justify this by racing every bike that pulls up next to me. Except for the motorcycle cops.[/img]
Red, congratulations on an "awesome set of carbs"!! They look great, a real clean installations as well.

Surely Sudco could supply a manifold as from memory they also supply Mikuni carbs with manifolds. In reality, at $780 I think you got a reasonable deal. I dont think a pair of Mk2 Amals would weigh in 'much' cheaper than that these days. I know Jerry and other like the Amals but I'd plum for a modern carb of a 40 year old design in much the same way as I'd go for other modern mechanical parts as well. A pal of mine has just stuck ZZR 600 carbs on his CBX1000 as an example.

Ref racing, I was scratching the back lanes a few months bike, knee down, everything juddering and thuddering (and that was just me...) when a lad quietly whisked past on his poxy BMW F650 with his girlfriend on pillion! That hurt my pride a bit, but I'm happy believing that I'm Barry Sheene! LOL!!
Redrum, nice clear photo. Thanks.
By the way, I have been riding for over30 years and never once thought of putting the keys on a masterlink like you have stuck in your ignition.
What a great idea to use the link as the key chain. :idea:
Thanks! :idea:

I really want the Kehin carb setup!

I didnt have time to mess with them last time I was recarbing, had to get on the road with minimum fuss.

Went with the modern amal 34mm. They work quite well!!
Like the look of the Keihins.
Any info on carb size used ??mm, average mpg achieved and would a K&N fit? Looks a tight fit to the battery with the velocity stacks.

I agree, the Keihins (and the Mikunis too) look awesome, and probably are, too. But think of it - the Commando was in reality obsolete when it was first made, pushrods, Lucas electrics and so on. In the seventies, the Americans had sent people to the moon, but the English could still not make a motorcycle that held the oil inside the engine and chaincase. So why would I never buy another bike but a british one ?

Because it is a little victory every time it fires up and takes me for a couple of hours of breathtaking fun - plus the looks of recognition and acknowledgement from everyone who knows what it takes to keep one of these things running today.

So fellahs - I`ll keep my rattling Amals and enjoy the burbling and sputtering exhaust note on the over-run every day !!

Doesn`t mean I wouldn`t like the simplicity of a more modern carb though..



Yes, we could send a man to the moon using slide rules and the American motorcycle also leaked oil, just like the Brits. It took at least another decade before others could follow the example of the Japanese. Give them credit for amazing advancements in car and motorcycle manufacturing.

I'm with you and the Amal Concentrics if only because they fit the Commando so well.
Exactly, illfaithed. I am in this for the thrill of it, and to me life is all about mastering all the imperfections we are given to work with, no matter what. To me- joy is all about figuring out the limitations of your surroundings and coping. As an engineer, I appreciate the Japanese contribution to motorcycle (and other) engineering every day, (I ride a 72 CB 750 Honda to work) but it`s the british f***ups I love to master.

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