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Dec 5, 2003
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After seeing the Worlds Fastest Indian, (great movie by the way don't miss it even if you have to get the DVD) and reading a little about Burt Munro, I saw that he had fabricated roller lifters for his 1927 Indian, along with making his own cams and pistons. Can't help but admire a bloke like that! :D Anyway, I was thinking; has anyone ever seen or heard of putting roller lifters on the Norton? Shouldn't be too hard, I'll bet old Burt could come up with a set. :idea:

world's fastest Norton

Probably has been done. Ask Dennis Manning, owner of BUB Enterprises in Grass Valley, Ca. He ran a Norton powered streamliner at Bonneville.
Not sure about this happening on Commando's, but some folk have used Porsche or volkswagen ball action tappets on Triumph triples. Aparently the metric thread is so close to the imperial in the rocker a run through with the metric tap is enough for a reliable thread mating. This system is said to reduce side loading on the valve stem and guide.

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