K&N filters

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Feb 27, 2008
If the factory airbox/cleaner is removed and K&N (or similar open element filters) are put on the carbs, can this put some undue strain on the carbs and intake manifolds? Any way to fabricate a little brace up?
i have had k&n's on my Amals for the 24 years i have had my bike and have not had any grief, i don't believe you need a bracket.
I run K&N pods on my Commando, on Keihin FCRs. No brace, and no problems so far.

You can buy braces - e.g., Bellacorse and New Triumph Bonneville sell them for the modern Triumph Bonnevilles with the airboxes removed (a popular mod for that bike). Don't know if they'd work for your bike, but you could check them out. At worst, they'll give you ideas - can't be all that hard to fabricate one.
I've got S&B custom filters on my Mk3 and I've never had, or ever heard of, any problems caused by that setup.
The standard inlet manifolds are strong. If you fit rubber inlet tubes or extended manifolds though then a rubber support is a good idea.

Rubber inlets will help maximum revs and extended inlet tracts are necessary for maximum power (but if you're looking for maximum power then you won't be fitting K&Ns, will you ? :oops:
Ruh roh! What's wrong with K&Ns? I have always considered them to be about as good as you can get.... no?
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