Just saying hello :)

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Oct 8, 2008
Hi Guys,
Just a quick note to say hello. I recently bought a '72 750 Commando and am in the process of getting the garage sorted to give the poor thing a rebuild.

Cheers all :)


Good luck.. You maybe be in for a rocky road but if you get it ~ right you will have a beast that is totally reliable and fun to boot.. 8) but never expect to compete with a Yamaha RI ~ :shock::shock:

:D :D :D
Welcome Hegel,

And I hope you will find the forum useful.
These are nice and well informed folks. They even give me advice and I only own a mostly Commando.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the welcome :) Thanks L.A.B for the invite.


No, not got any plans to chase any R1's ;)

I always thought the aircraft equivalent of the R1 would be something like the F-15, the Norton on the other hand could only be something like the Spitfire. The F-15 might have a lot more performance, but the Spit will always have more class 8)

I've been trying to find a Corbin-esque seat for my Commando, tho I want to keep the interstate tank...Anyone know if they've ever produced a seat to fit said tank? I've tried mailing them already (Corbin) But it seems they are notoriously difficult to get a reply from. Any ideas/thought's?

Cheers again,

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