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Dec 30, 2003
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I just found this forum and see several people I've communicated with on another forum.

Dana, if you haven't joined the Northern California Norton Owners Club...we will be meeting at the Prince of Wales Pub in San Mateo on Jan 8 at around 7:00pm. The first outing of 2004 is Jan 11, the Freeze Ride. This meets at Alice's Restaurant at Skylonda some time before 11:00am. I'm on a red '72 750 combat roadster, license "ILLF8ED".

The NCNOC was formed in 1971 as the San Francisco branch of the Norton Owners Club (formed in 1959 in England). Later we became a chapter of the INOA. We have around 150 members.

More info at:
Hi David,

Thanks much. I sent my check and app. out last week :)

I will try to get down to San Mateo on the 8th. (Isn't that a bit of a drive from Brentwood :?: :?: )

I look forward to meeting (and brain picking) you and other Norton riders.

Thanks again :!: :!:

Oh ... and WELCOME !!! :D
NCNOC Freeze Ride

Hi Dana,

I live in the Northern California Brentwood, 94513. It's next to Antioch. I'm another moved out of Silicon Valley commuter. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. The last 10 of 11 weekends have had rain according to the radio reports. If you need any contacts such as the Rides Coordinator look at the website www.nortonclub.com
Gar Jorgenson has this job and he lives close to me in Discovery Bay.
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