It's alive! It's alive! (longish)

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Hi all,

And another Commando enters the world after a 19 year hibernation.

Got the fuel issue resolved (floats not level as I guessed). Threw on the newly scrubbed and buffed Dunstall pipes, turned on the ignition (with a piece of Aluminum bar stock ground to fit the cylinder hole), and started a-kickin'.

15-20 kicks later (and breathing heavy), it started to come to life. A few more kicks and it caught and was able to rev up. Yeehaaa!!!

Pardon the enthusiasm, but it's been a lot of work getting here.

The Mikuni start lever ("choke") wouldn't stay up, so I used an alligator clip, and it was able to hold idle at 1500-2000. After a few minutes, I removed the clip, and the idle dropped to around 450 ... and stayed there :shock: :shock: :shock: Never in my life have I had a bike idle so low.

I had forgotten to tighten up the rocker covers and a few other things, so I was rewarded by a puddle of 50wt. After some bolt and exhaust ring tightening, and adding the copper washers I had left out of the rocker cover bolts, I restarted it and sat for 15 minutes checking for leaks while it idled away happily (I wouldn't use the word "purr").

It's an interesting idle ... I need to get used to it I guess. Not my usual rice burner idle ... and I do not like the HD diddl-um, diddl-um I hear so often in my neck O' the woods.

I couldn't drive it due to a lack of brakes, but that's coming soon. I should probably work on freeing up the clutch cable too 8)

Now I can't wait to drive it :!: :!: I rewarded my self by buying a Norton shop apron on eBay :roll: :lol: :lol:
Congrats Dana! Sounds like you're making good progress.

A Norton shop apron huh? That sounds pretty cool. Guess I'd better go see what's on ebay tonight...

Hi Jerry,

Around 450 RPM with little fluctuation and a steady note.
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