Isolastic information

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May 30, 2006
Dear Sirs:
I'm writting an article about Norton's Isolastic sysyem, for a Catalan motorcicle magazin.
I would like to get some information as:
-Some graphical information.
-Small information, advantages and drawbacks.
-Which models uses this device, and what years.
-If possible, a good picture of a unit that uses Isolastoc.

Thanks in advanced for your collaboration!

David Roman
Catalunya, Spain.
If you want i would be very happy for you to use this picture of my 72 750 commando here ... d/P1020472

The isolastic system was used first in the commando after they discovered that the 750 motor in the atlas had a lot of problems due to vibration and the motor being solid mounted, so the isloastics were introduced in 1969 on the 750 Commandos right through to the 1985 850 left hand gearchange electric start Commando.

Advantages: Less vibration,
Disadvantages: Rear wheel and swingarm can twist in rubber mounts.

I am not 100% this is correct but im pretty sure if it isnt another member will correct me.

Regards Julian Stap. :D
Not open for further replies.